Early bird (Upto 31st Dec)

Nurses  : Rs.750/-

Undergraduates : Rs.750/-

Postgraduates & Trainees : Rs.2000/-

Consultants : Rs.4000/-

Resuscitology Workshop : Rs.1000/-

Quality improvement workshop : Rs.1000/-

(Registration fee is exclusive of 18% GST.)

From 1st Jan, 2019

Nurses  : Rs.1000/-
Undergraduates : Rs.1000/-
Postgraduates & Trainees : Rs.3000/-
Consultants : Rs.6000/-
Resuscitology Workshop : Rs.2000/-
Quality improvement workshop : Rs.2000/- 

Spot Registration

Nurses  : Rs.2000/-
Undergraduates : Rs.2000/-
Postgraduates & Trainees : Rs.4000/-
Consultants : Rs.7000/-
Resuscitology Workshop : Not Eligible
Quality improvement workshop : Not Eligible

 Please note:- 

a) Fee structure: 18% GST will be applicable. 

b) Registration can be done online by credit/debit card payment/NEFT transfer. 

c) No KMC points will be awarded for registrations post 12th Jan, 2019. 

    (For Resuscitology workshop, Quality improvement workshop and Main conference.)

d) Maximum 60 registrations for Resuscitology workshop will be entertained. 

e) Maximum 36 registrations for Quality improvement workshop will be entertained.

f) For those who want to pay by Demand Draft, kindly contact to the given phone numbers in contact details.